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Creative Services

A picture is worth a thousand words

Share your story with vivid images and video. With experience in real estate, landscape, portrait and lifestyle photography, our team is able to capture your property. event or business in high resolution images that you’re sure to love

In today’s digital age, where people have less time and attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, high resolution, professional photos are a vital tool to help your business attract more clients. Photos are a powerful visual representation of much more than just the physical aspects and dimensions of your property, but also, the energy, light and life of your hotel or resort.

Here at Lost Tribe, we have a team of highly skilled and passionate photographers who can help to capture the essence of your business. We offer stand alone photography packages or services as part of a wider marketing strategy. Depending on your needs, we will produce content catered to your exact specifications. Whether you need to update your website or create content for social media, you can count on us to produce high quality photographs that you’ll be eager to share.